Murree is a mountain resort town

MURREE:A Beautiful Hill Station

Murree, which means “high place” is one of Pakistan’s most popular hill stations. It is a part of the Margalla hills and located in the outer Himalayas retaining its high altitude. Surrounded by lush green trees, Murree is a tourist destination throughout the year because of its scenic, relaxing atmosphere, and proximity to Islamabad.

Early Morning in Mall Road Murree Pakistan, such a beautiful place to stay. Beautiful lush green spots like Ayubia, natia gali, patreata, burban are few minuts drive from mall road.

During the summer season when all of Pakistan is suffering through the heat wave, people generally tend to travel to Murree for even just a day but to get a cooling atmosphere. One of the most appealing factors of Murree is that there is a lot to do there in addition to just relaxing.

Due to being a picturesque and pleasantly scenic places in the country, the last one decade have seen rampant development and today Murree more closely resembles a litter-strewn overcrowded and a thriving tourist resort. However it remains exceedingly popular with Pakistani families for whom its truly a tourist paradise and receives glowing recommendations from this demographic.

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