About Website

This website is a space to tell people what my perspective is about various subjects I am interested in. The opinions shared in form of posts on the website are entirely from my thought process and while there are and can be disagreements about what others’ perspectives are about it, I would appreciate and encourage as much feedback from everyone.

The website might contain content i.e. text and images shared from other sources and websites for which I am duly appreciative and acknowledge their propitiatory ownership. The intent is to provide my perspective using them as visual and contextual support.

My focus is to invest my time and spending effort to appreciate the positivities so that people will be able to experience more well-being from my perspective. May Allah Almighty help us all enjoy the life with best of health in both spiritual and physical aspects. Ameen!



You can reach out to me for any queries about life and how we can collectively make a difference by being Human first. Click on the button to leave a message. Thanks.