Qamar Khan

About Me

I like the human language and how our thoughts elevate us mentally to a grade far removed from anything known from other species. Yet it has happened in just a twinkling of evolutionary time that the only way to be ‘human’ is in our very own way. It is the imperfect things we do, and we all do them, that are such an essential part of being human. We don’t want to lose them, as much as they might roll us from time to time.  It is the beautifully imperfect art of being perfectly human.

Sometimes our insecurities will take our voice,  and our balance. The differences lie in our awareness and how open we are to their existence. What a cruel thing it is that the very thing that catapults us to dizzying, glorious heights can turn on us so quickly. Humans love “LOVE” but it doesn’t always love us back the way we want it to. There are so many ways to a broken heart, and we will experience at least one of them. The person we love who doesn’t love us back. I strive to be a person who can give it all and expect nothing in return and be human.


You can reach out to me for any queries about life and how we can collectively make a difference by being Human first. Click on the button to leave a message. Thanks.