A rounded rocky outcrop covered in metal shacks

Migingo Island

Migingo is a 2,000-square-metre island, in Lake Victoria. The island was the center of a low-level territorial dispute between Kenya and Uganda and is extremely densely populated.Compared to half the size of a football pitch, Migingo is a small rock Island, located in Lake Victoria which is the largest lake in Africa and the largest Tropical Lake in the whole world.

The people that live here stay in corrugate sheet and wood huts. The people here are mainly fishermen and fish traders. It is located on a rocky and rugged piece of land with very little vegetation. The Island is characteristic of shabby living conditions even when there is a pharmacy, bars, beauty salons and plenty of hotels. In close proximity.

Migingo is one of the three small islands on top of The Pyramid and the Usingo Island which is the largest of the three. Migingo Island is 200 meters from the Pyramid Island. Migingo Island is quite too small that it has not been displayed on most maps. Migingo lies 200 meters east of the Usingo Island, 12 kilometers south of it is the Pyramid Island and also lying north of the Tanzanian border in Lake Victoria.