The concept that great Islamic scholars refer to as “signs leading to faith” involves all facts of creation, knowledge, and evidence of all kinds that lead people to faith concerning the existence and oneness of Allah and revealing His sublime might, wisdom, and artistry.

“There are certainly signs in the earth for people with certainty, and in yourselves as well. Do you not then see?” (Qur’an, 51:20-21)

Signs leading to faith are means whereby good people unaware of the truth due to irreligious indoctrination can, by Allah’s leave, come to have faith. It is not only important for unbelievers to reflect on these signs, but also for believers. Allah calls on believers as follows:

“You who have faith! Have fear of Allah and seek the means of drawing near to Him, and strive in His Way, so that hopefully you will be successful.” (Qur’an, 5:35)

Allah, seeing and reflecting upon their perfect structures and systems, will enable one to witness His might and omniscience from a much closer perspective.

“It is He Who sends down water from the sky. From it, you drink and from it come to the shrubs among which you graze your herds.” (Qur’an, 16:10)

knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence to survive. Reflecting on that fact alone will allow one to closely witness the infinite attributes of Allah and properly appreciate His omnipotence.