SAPA Strategy recognizes that there is a need for: awareness raising

Sustaining Sapa

Terraced paddy fields are a common sight within the mountaineous regions of Sapa.Once connected in Sapa, the guides work directly with travelers to choose custom itineraries around special interests and/or fitness levels from Sapa through the picturesque valley. Whether one day treks or multi-night adventures with home-stay accommodations, travelers experience one on one tours with their guides exploring indigenous hill tribes and the stunning landscapes that is the Sapa Valley. Sapa Sisters welcomes individuals, couples and honeymooner’s, small groups, family  with young kids trips, and students  on educational field trips.

Indeed, at the community level, Sapa Sisters keeps business ‘Hmong’ and keeps business local. It enables Hmong to continue with their most valued customary livelihood activity – living off the land to farm rice to feed their families – while still earning a fair income to enable further material enrichment and expansion. This helps the economic benefits stay in the community and prevents it from leaking out to the bigger Vietnamese-run businesses that already command the lion’s share of the tourism industry.

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