Palau is heaven on Earth


Palau is an archipelago of over 500 islands, part of the Micronesia region in the western Pacific Ocean. Koror Island is home to the former capital, also named Koror, and is the islands’ commercial center. The larger Babeldaob has the present capital, Ngerulmud, plus mountains and sandy beaches on its east coast. In its north, ancient basalt monoliths known as Badrulchau lie in grassy fields surrounded by palm trees.

Palau is scenically magical for such a tiny area of land, it packs a big punch. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by its extraordinary array of natural wonders: this is an archipelago of about 200 largely pristine limestone and volcanic islands, blanketed in emerald forest, surrounded by a shimmering turquoise lagoon. Unsurprisingly, diving is the number-one activity here, with truly world-class dive sites.

Palau is the most western island group in Micronesia that comprises thousands of small islands in the western Pacific Ocean. At only seven degrees north of the equator, this is a true tropical playground. To get there from Australia the easiest and most direct way is via Guam, which although is similar in geology and geography to Palau, has been altered beyond repair by the Americans as it remains to this day an important military base.

CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER, tropical vegetation, no in-water stingy things, sensational scenery, hundreds of uninhabited islands, great fish and shark life, birds of every kind, friendly locals, manta rays, whales and dolphins, insane coral quality, kayaks and a seven-day expedition that is guaranteed to make every single one of your friends green with envy.

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