It is also a well-known attraction in winter

Lake Braies in Prags

Lake Prags in Hochpustertal is not for nothing called “pearl of the Dolomites lakes”.The crystal clear mountain waters, which is surrounded by steep rock slopes situated at the foot of Mt. Seekofel (2,810 m), integrates itself picturesquely into the Dolomites landscape.The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system in Italy & Europe and has some of the most wonderful landscapes in the World! This lake has numerous names. In every name is absolutely gorgeous and also the largest natural lake in the Dolomites.

Since the railway runs through the valley of Pustertal, the lake has become a famous destination for relaxations seekers, families and nature lovers. However, only few know that the lake is a protagonist of and old Dolomites myth, which tells us that the lake had been access to an underground part of “Fanes kingdom” accessible by boat.

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