Makes the scene look like something out of a fairy tale


Lake Bled is unashamedly picturesque, flaunting itself brazenly to the admiring visitors it attracts through its scenic lure and Alpine splendour. Forest covered mountain slopes encircle the beautiful calm waters, and it’s beautiful all year round, but travel to Lake Bled in Winter, when the snow is falling, when the frost sticks to the ground and the water is icy cold, and Lake Bled truly is glorious.

This might be one of the most visited tourist attractions in Slovenia, but visit in the colder months and you will find that Lake Bled in Winter is actually a rather quiet affair.Winter might just be the best time to visit Lake Bled in Slovenia.Visit Lake Bled in the height of winter and you’ll find a pleasant Slovenian town, surrounded by imposing, snow capped mountains, just quietly getting on with its slow paced life.

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