The fascinating thing about this desert is that it is a cold desert with strong winds

Katpana Desert

There are sand deserts in Skardu and Shigar Valleys, on the banks of Indus and Shigar rivers. Katpana Desert stretches from the Khaplu Valley to Nubra, Ladakh and Shigar, Skardu Valley to Zanskar in Indian Occupied Kashmir. The largest area of Katpana Desert is found in Skardu and Shigar Valleys. It is called Biana Naqpo and Katpana Biana, in local language. Katpana Desert is located near Skardu city while Shigar Desert is located on the way to Shigar Valley.

Katpana Desert is situated at an elevation of 2,226 metres above sea level. This is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Northern Areas in Pakistan. It is called Cold Desert of Skardu Region. Its mesmerizing cold nights and magnificent sandy view makes it a majestic place to visit. There are large sand dune

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