A beautiful Valley along the River Hunza

Hunza River, Gojal

Gojal, also known as Upper Hunza , is a valley situated in the far north of Pakistan. It borders Pakistan and China at Khunjerab Pass and Afghanistan at Chipurson valley. It is the largest tehsil of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.

Gojal is a series of large and small valleys sharing borders with Hunza in the south, China in the north-east and Afghanistan in the north-west. Shishkat is the first village of Gojal. Except for the Shimshal, Misgar and Chipursan valleys, all the villages of Gojal can be seen from the Karakorum Highway (KKH), which crosses Gojal, entering China at the Khunjerab Pass. Gojal region has 20,000 Ismaili residents.

Geographically Gojal is located between 70 latitude and 61 and is spread over an area of 8,500 km² of land, at an elevation ranging from 2,340m to 4,877m, above the sea level.

Gojal is a mountainous region forming the western part of the Karakoram and Eastern Pamir mountain range.This area also hosts the 56 km long Batura glacier the third longest of Pakistan (after Hispar and Biafo).The region is home to lofty ice-capped peaks, roaring rivers, lush green pastures and long glaciers.

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