Hispar glacier's length and 51 km

Hispar Glacier

The Hispar Glacier is in the Karakoram Mountains in the northern areas of Pakistan. This 49 km (30.4 mi) long glacier meets the 63 km (39.1 mi) long Biafo Glacier at the Hispar Pass at an altitude of 5,128 m (16,824 ft), creating the world’s longest glacial system outside of the Polar Regions, with a range of approximately 500 km (310.6 mi).  This vast river of ice connects two ancient mountain kingdoms; Hunza in the west and Baltistan in the east.

Most climbers and trekkers who tackle these mountains and glaciers are experienced, as it is a strenuous and dangerous undertaking. The extreme, sharp slopes of the mountains make this route’s upper half the most difficult part of the Biafo/Hispar crossing, but the views of 7,800 m (25,591 ft) peaks and of the snow covered mountains at this altitude are breath-taking.

Near the base of the Hispar Pass, you can see some of the most beautiful and intriguing mountain lakes. Some can be a strange greenish black colour, which makes it difficult to know how deep they are and a little further on you may see others of a beautiful light green. In the valleys there are carpets of brightly coloured flowers which in the mountainous and snowy surroundings, seems slightly surreal.

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