Allah created the angels from light

Creation of the Universe

God is the supreme power, he is the one who created the whole universe, the heavens and Earth, and he who had created the humans, and he is the one and only one who deserves to be worshipped only. Muslims claim that Allah is God and the only God of all that is created in the Universe, and he who had revealed his last book the “Holy Quran” to his last messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah says:

الَّذِينَ يَذْكُرُونَ اللَّهَ قِيَامًا وَقُعُودًا وَعَلَىٰ جُنُوبِهِمْ وَيَتَفَكَّرُونَ فِي خَلْقِ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ رَبَّنَا مَا خَلَقْتَ هَٰذَا بَاطِلًا سُبْحَانَكَ فَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ

“Those who remember Allah standing, and sitting and on their sides and they reflect on (the) creation (of) the heavens and the earth, “Our Lord, not You have created this (in) vain. Glory be to You, so save us (from the) punishment (of) the Fire. ” (Surah Al-Imran 3:191)

In this holy book, there are many verses that describe Universe Creation, and since Science has advanced a lot in knowing how the universe was created, we can compare the facts from both resources (Quran, Science), and if they match then definitely ALLAH is really the ONE, and he is Almighty God. Knowing that the Quran is NOT a book of “Science” but a book of “Signs”, to show us the wonders of God’s work in the Universe. Allah says:

لَخَلْقُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ أَكْبَرُ مِنْ خَلْقِ النَّاسِ وَلَٰكِنَّ أَكْثَرَ النَّاسِ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ

“Surely, (the) creation (of) the heavens and the earth (is) greater than (the) creation (of) the mankind, but most (of) the people (do) not know.” (Surah Ghafir 40:57)

Big Bang? Scientists agree on the timing of the Big Bang, which is 13.7 billion years before, but before that, no one is able to measure or test or see previous events, so scientifically there is no exact answer. Allah says:

أَوَلَمْ يَرَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا أَنَّ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ كَانَتَا رَتْقًا فَفَتَقْنَاهُمَا وَجَعَلْنَا مِنَ الْمَاءِ كُلَّ شَيْءٍ حَيٍّ أَفَلَا يُؤْمِنُونَ

“Do not see those who disbelieved that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, then We parted them and We made from [the] water every living thing? Then will not they believe?” (Surah Al-Anbiya` 21:30)

Thus the elements and what was to become the planets and stars began to cool, come together, and form into shape, following the natural laws that Allah established in the universe. The Qur’an further states that Allah created the sun, the moon, and the planets, each with its own individual courses or orbits. Allah says:

وَهُوَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ اللَّيْلَ وَالنَّهَارَ وَالشَّمْسَ وَالْقَمَرَ كُلٌّ فِي فَلَكٍ يَسْبَحُونَ

“And He (is) the One Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; each in an orbit floating.” (Surah Al-Anbya 21:33)

Declaration: For those who don’t know Quran and its interpretation, it’s not a mankind book but God’s words, and to understand correctly what is meant by any of its words, you have to note the following:

  • Each word in Arabic has many meanings, but one of them must fit the meaning of the complete verse.
  • The verse meaning can be clarified by another verse or by one of Prophet Muhammad Hadith (sayings) or interpretation by his companions.
  • Each letter in the word itself is a piece of the puzzle, which means if the word is singular it means different than being for twice or for a plural, and being in the past tense or present or future, then it means something else every time.

وَلَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا فَوْقَكُمْ سَبْعَ طَرَائِقَ وَمَا كُنَّا عَنِ الْخَلْقِ غَافِلِينَ

“And indeed, We (have) created above you seven paths and not We are of the creation unaware.” (Surah Al-Mu` min 23:17)

The words “Heavens and Earth – السموات والارض” in the Quran have many indications, like the following:

  • “Heavens and Earth” only = this means all the 7 universes.
  • “Lowest Heaven” means our universe.
  • “Sky” means our Earth’s atmosphere, or related to something inside our universe.
  • “Skies” means layers of our Earth’s atmosphere.
  • “Earth’s” means planets that are the same as our planet or an Earth or Land in each universe.

خَلَقَ الْإِنسَانَ مِن نُّطْفَةٍ فَإِذَا هُوَ خَصِيمٌ مُّبِينٌ

“He (Allah) has created man from a sperm-drop, and behold this same (man) becomes an open disputer!” Surah An-Nahl 16:4)

God mentions many times in the Quran that He is the Lord of the Glorious Throne because it is one of the foremost and most magnificent of his creations.

The origins of the universe facts and information:

  1. Allah reminds man again and again of his lowly and inferior origins
  2. Allah created the shrubs, the trees, the humans, and the animals
  3. Allah created the sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets
  4. Allah speaking with the Angels about creating mankind
  5. Allah was to put the Angels on earth to inhabit it
  6. Allah speaking with Adam and Even in Heaven
  7. Allah will put us back together in the Akhirah
  8. All of the Beings that were MADE in It
  9. Allah is not a body in need of a place
  10. Allah created the angels from light
  11. Allah created the Earth, He created the seven heavens
  12. Allah talks about the great angels that carry the Throne
  13. Allah mentions the origin of man as being from the nutfah
  14. Allah is the Creator of everything and He doesn’t need anything
  15. Adam, the father of mankind, has been created in Allah’s own image
  16. Allah taught us the basis for good behaviour, truthfulness, and sincerity
  17. Allah created the heavens, the earth, the rivers, and the season the mountains

The word “your” is thus understood, within the Quran, to be a long period of time — an era or aeon. Therefore, Muslims interpret the description of a “six-day” creation as six distinct periods or aeons. The length of these periods is not precisely defined, nor are the specific developments that took place during each period. Allah says:

أَلَمْ تَرَ أَنَّ اللَّهَ خَلَقَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ بِالْحَقِّ إِن يَشَأْ يُذْهِبْكُمْ وَيَأْتِ بِخَلْقٍ جَدِيدٍ

“Do not you see, that Allah created the heavens and the earth in truth? If He wills, He can remove you and bring a creative new.” (Surah Ibrahim 14:19)

Allah is never “done” with His work because the process of creation is ongoing. Each new child who is born, every seed that sprouts into a sapling, every new species that appears on earth, is part of the ongoing process of Allah’s creation. Allah says:

إِنَّ رَبَّكُمُ اللَّهُ الَّذِي خَلَقَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ فِي سِتَّةِ أَيَّامٍ ثُمَّ اسْتَوَىٰ عَلَى الْعَرْشِ يُدَبِّرُ الْأَمْرَ مَا مِن شَفِيعٍ إِلَّا مِن بَعْدِ إِذْنِهِ ذَٰلِكُمُ اللَّهُ رَبُّكُمْ فَاعْبُدُوهُ أَفَلَا تَذَكَّرُونَ

“Indeed, your Lord (is) Allah the One Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods, then He established on the Throne, disposing of the affairs. Not (is) any intercessor except after His permission. That (is) Allah, your Lord, so worship Him. Then will not you remember?” (Surah Yunus 10:3)

The Quranic account of creation is in line with modern scientific thought about the development of the universe and life on earth. Muslims acknowledge that life developed over a long period of time, but see Allah’s power behind it all. Descriptions of creation in the Qur’an are set in context to remind the readers of Allah’s majesty and wisdom. Allah says:

وَمَا تَشَاءُونَ إِلَّا أَن يَشَاءَ اللَّهُ رَبُّ الْعَالَمِينَ

“And not you will except that wills Allah, Lord (of) the worlds.” (Surah At-Takwir 81:29)

Creation of Adam & Eve

While Islam recognizes the general idea of the development of life in stages, over a period of time, human beings are considered as a special act of creation. Islam teaches that human beings are a unique life form that was created by Allah in a special way, with unique gifts and abilities unlike any other: a soul and conscience, knowledge, and free will. Allah says:

فَقُطِعَ دَابِرُ الْقَوْمِ الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا وَالْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ

“So was cut off (the) remnant (of) the people [those] who did wrong. And all praises and thanks (be) to Allah Lord (of) the worlds.” (Surah Al-An`am 6:45)

In short, Muslims do not believe that human beings randomly evolved from apes. The life of human beings began with the creation of two people, a male and a female named Adam and Hawwa (Eve). Allah says:

أَفَعَيِينَا بِالْخَلْقِ الْأَوَّلِ بَلْ هُمْ فِي لَبْسٍ مِّنْ خَلْقٍ جَدِيدٍ

“Were We then tired with the creation the first? Nay, they (are) in doubt about a creation new.” (Surah AQaf 50:15)

Thus, human beings have a fundamental attachment to the earth. While the creation of Eve is not described in detail, the Qur’an does make it clear that a “mate” was created with Adam, from the same nature and soul. Allah says:

هُوَ الَّذِي خَلَقَكُم مِّن نَّفْسٍ وَاحِدَةٍ وَجَعَلَ مِنْهَا زَوْجَهَا لِيَسْكُنَ إِلَيْهَا فَلَمَّا تَغَشَّاهَا حَمَلَتْ حَمْلًا خَفِيفًا فَمَرَّتْ بِهِ فَلَمَّا أَثْقَلَت دَّعَوَا اللَّهَ رَبَّهُمَا لَئِنْ آتَيْتَنَا صَالِحًا لَّنَكُونَنَّ مِنَ الشَّاكِرِينَ

“He (is) the One Who created you from a single soul and made from it its mate that he might live with her. And when he covers her, she carries a burden light and continues with it. But when she grows heavy, they both invoke Allah, their Lord, “If You give us a righteous (child), surely we will be among the thankful.” (Surah Al-A’raf 7:189)

It’s clearly mentioned in the Quran, that Allah created the 7 heavens in the 5th and 6th days, and he created in the lowest heaven, which is our universe, stars to be a guide for travellers. Allah says:

ثُمَّ اسْتَوَىٰ إِلَى السَّمَاءِ وَهِيَ دُخَانٌ فَقَالَ لَهَا وَلِلْأَرْضِ ائْتِيَا طَوْعًا أَوْ كَرْهًا قَالَتَا أَتَيْنَا طَائِعِينَ

“Then He directed (Himself) towards the heaven while it (was) smoke and He said to it and to the earth, “Come both of you willingly or unwillingly.” They both said, “We come willingly.” (Surah Fussilat 41:11)

Therefore, it’s only our universe that carries stars among all universes and it’s the lowest one and not on the top of the universes. These universes are numbered from 1 for ours till the 7th which is on top. Of course, God doesn’t exist in any one of them but only his creatures and those entire gigantic universes are like a ring in a desert compared to his Chair, and his Chair is like a ring too compared to his Great Throne.

Allah Almighty Says in The Holy Quran:

  • “The Day when the Spirit and the Angels stand in line….” (Quran 78:38)
  • “A day in the sight of your Lord is like 1,000 years of your reckoning.” (Quran 22:47)
  • “We created man from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape…” (Quran 15:26)
  • “God is the Creator of all things and He is the Guardian over all things.” (Quran 39:62)
  • “He is Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then established Himself on the Throne. He knows what enters within the heart of the earth, and what comes forth out of it, what comes down from heaven, and what mounts up to it. And He is with you wherever you may be. And Allah sees well all that you do.” (Quran 57:4).
  • “We created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six days, nor did any sense of weariness touch Us.” (Quran 50:38)
  • “He began the creation of man from clay and made his progeny from a quintessence of fluid.” (Quran 32:7-8)
  • “Allah created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, in six days.” (Quran 7:54)
  • “The heavens, We have built them with power. And verily, We are expanding it.” (Quran 51:47)

Allah is never “done” with His work because the process of creation is ongoing. Each new child who is born, every seed that sprouts into a sapling, every new species that appears on earth, is part of the ongoing process of Allah’s creation. Allah says:

يَوْمَ نَطْوِي السَّمَاءَ كَطَيِّ السِّجِلِّ لِلْكُتُبِ كَمَا بَدَأْنَا أَوَّلَ خَلْقٍ نُّعِيدُهُ وَعْدًا عَلَيْنَا إِنَّا كُنَّا فَاعِلِينَ

“(The) Day We will fold the heaven like (the) folding (of) a scroll for records. We began (the) first creation We will repeat it, a promise upon Us. Indeed, We – We are (the) Doers.” (Surah Al-Anbiya` 21:104 )

The Quranic account of creation is in line with modern scientific thought about the development of the universe and life on earth. Muslims acknowledge that life developed over a long period of time, but see Allah’s power behind it all. Descriptions of creation in the Qur’an are set in context to remind the readers of Allah’s majesty and wisdom. Allah says:

وَاللَّهُ خَلَقَ كُلَّ دَابَّةٍ مِّن مَّاءٍ فَمِنْهُم مَّن يَمْشِي عَلَىٰ بَطْنِهِ وَمِنْهُم مَّن يَمْشِي عَلَىٰ رِجْلَيْنِ وَمِنْهُم مَّن يَمْشِي عَلَىٰ أَرْبَعٍ يَخْلُقُ اللَّهُ مَا يَشَاءُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ

“And Allah created every moving creature from water. Of them (is a kind) who walks on its belly, and of them (is a kind) who walks on two legs, and of them (is a kind) who walks on four. Allah creates what He wills. Indeed, Allah on everything (is) All-Powerful.” (Surah An-Nur 24:45)

A rope from Allah and a rope from people extended to them to enable the reaching of the Mighty Heights. May Allah Almighty forgive me, and forgive all sincere Muslims, for any and all mistakes and errors that we may have fallen into.  Ameen.

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