Here you’re gonna feel pretty giddy to rush straight to the Wave

Coyote Buttes

This Wave is very close to the Main Wave (about three hundred meters south) It’s as breathtaking as the more famous Main Wave, so it’s definitely worth a visit, especially at sunset.The Wave is the common point on the map where world’s geologists, psychedelics, couples taking engagement photos and Victor Vasarely groupies get together and try to keep their mouths closed. It’s like a hurricane, freeze-framed. If you forget your camera, no one will believe you.

The Wave’s overwhelming popularity caused the BLM to limit foot traffic to 20 people per day, so while the hike itself is a fairly straightforward 2.6 miles each way, getting the required permit can be tricky. Half the daily permits are issued by lottery for dates four months out (chances of drawing for April–November are 4–8%; December–March gets up around 25%); the other 10 are given to walk-ins at the GSENM Visitor Center in Kanab for the following day — also by lottery if more than 10 people apply.

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