Counting your Blessings

Counting your blessings means that you are starting to see the good in life, you are thinking about the good stuff.  When you think about the good stuff, more of it comes your way.  Counting your blessings means that you are grateful……and with gratitude, comes joy.

Counting your blessings really will turn your world around.  It is easy, especially when times are tough, to forget about your blessings…..even when times are good, it is easy to forget to count your blessings.  Counting your blessings, does it make a difference?  You bet it does!

You can look at the sky  or the trees, or the fact there is a roof over your head, or that you have clothes on your back.  You can start with the most basicBlessings brings tender mercies into your life…….tender mercies, those moments when it hits you that life is indeed good, that there is love and goodness, and that you deserve it.