It is a lovely place

Cold Desert, Skardu

The sand dunes in Katpana village, also known as cold desert skardu, are a wonder in itself. Strong winds shift the dunes as quickly as nomads. At this high altitude and cold region, this desert holds strange a attraction.

Skardu Valley is 7,500 feet above sea level in Balistan.Skardu Valley is a great place to mountain trek and a fishermen’s dream come true with an abundant stock of wild fresh water trout to catch with a backdrop of the great apexes of the Karakoram mountain range to relish.

You can reach Skardu by air, as the airport is operational in Skardu for last many years now. You can also reach there by road. It depends on the time you have to spend in this area and your own preference. The road route is very beautiful. It is through theKarakoran Highway which lies beside the Indus track for most of its being. You can reach Skardu in 2 days while coming by road. The 2 day journey will be an unforgettable one for you. Reach Skardu by air or by road, you will like the place either ways.

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