Balakot Pakistan

Balakot is the land of martyrs and a historical place. It is a beautiful city that is 39 kilometres away from Mansehra and 3,226 feet above sea level. It has been declared as a big Tehsil of District Mansehra. Balakot is a pretty and green valley of the area.

While travelling from Mansehra towards Balakot there is a place named Attar Shisha, there are two roads ahead. The right side road is the old and curly one which reaches to Garhi Habibullah; thick forests could be seen on this way. There is a road which connects you to the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir the Muzaffarabad. The left side road leads you towards the beautiful Balakot.

Jaaba bypass is the newly established road with fewer zig zags and ups and downs lead you towards this lovely valley. On the way, you could witness the green fields of the valley along beautiful houses and the Kunhar River of course. As you enter from the Basian Chowk the Kunhar River welcomes you with its cold and speedy water which came from Garhi Habibullah and meets to the Jhelum River. Basian is just 11 kilometres far from the Balakot and mother lake of Kunhar River is the Lulusar Lake but afterword so many lakes and streams join it. This River travels almost 190 kilometres to meet this point. There are many picnic point and rivers are situated on its bank side.

People came from across the world and country to enjoy its environment throughout the year. Kunhar River passes through the Balakot city and makes magical effects. The “Garlat” wooden bridge was made on it in the year 1895 and this bridge served almost one century over there. It was the first ever bridge which was used for the transportation between the Kaghan valley. It was vanished and destroyed in the floods of 1992. Another bridge was constructed for the heavy traffic and other means of transports.