Give the kid some toys

Wall Around Gamer Dad

You could never game because of your toddler son so you finally bought a play pen.Today, we still need this rapid stress response for emergency situations, and on a day-to-day basis mild stress reactions help us get things done. But for the most part, repeatedly enduring fight-or-flight responses when survival is not an issue does more harm than good.

The first six months of your child’s life doesn’t really terribly affect your gaming habits. Firstly, they don’t exactly do much and two, they conveniently fit right into your arms whilst playing. It’s once they start crawling that shit gets real. However, the good news is that some utter genius invented baby gates.

When the fight-or-flight state occurs too often, or too intensely, the brain and body have trouble regulating themselves back to a calm state, leading to a state of chronic stress. Chronic stress is also produced when there is a “mismatch” between fight-or-flight reactions and energy expenditure.

Give the kid some toys, prop up the gate and get on with the serious business of playing games. He or she is entertained.. It isn’t until they’re walking, climbing, and talking that you started to notice a decline in your gaming. It’s around this time that you have to be strategic about your time management. If you do this you can’t get upset when you are tired later—Mom and child won’t appreciate it.