It's a venue for concerts, sports events

The World’s Only Corn Palace

The Corn Palace, commonly advertised as The World’s Only Corn Palace and the Mitchell Corn Palace, is a multi-purpose arena/facility located in Mitchell, South Dakota, United States. The world-famous Mitchell Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota is the place to see what a little creativity and millions of ears of corn can add up to. The Corn Palace is a popular tourist destination, visited by up to 500,000 people each year.

This one-of-a-kind building has been “a-maize-ing” visitors for almost 100 years. It is a sight to behold, each wall covered in intricate designs made up of natural grasses and 13 different colours & shades of corn. During the day, visitors are drawn to the folk-art wonder, taking pictures and crossing the street to snap a selfie with a six-foot-tall ear of corn named Cornelius. At night, three colour-changing domes and a variety of lights shine in the evening sky, often over the lively sounds of a basketball game or concert erupting from the interior.