Life is to respect parents

The Daily Life of a Muslim

Islam = submission to the Will of Allah (GOD).

Islam is a way of life. Islam has a beginning and end. Those who embrace Islam are called Muslims. The word Muslim is derived from the word Peace. The traditional Muslim greeting is peace be unto you. Who is Allah? Allah is The One and The Only God who created the worlds, Angels (created by light), Jinn (created by Fire), Satan (devil) is an outcast Jinn, man (created from sounding clay), animals and contents of the universes. Allah is One, there is no God other than Him, without any partners, Allah says:

‏ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا۟ وَعَمِلُوا۟ ٱلصَّلِحَتِ طُوبَىٰ لَهُمْ وَحُسْنُ مَـَٔابٍۢ

Those who have believed and done righteous deeds-joy and a blessed [final] return will await them.” (Surat Ar-Rad 13:29)

Muslims believe in Quran and follow the Prophet’s sayings an example of his way of life. Those who believe in one Allah, His prophets, His books, His angels. and the last day of judgment is called Muslims. Muslims always say in good or bad status Alhamdulillah (All praises and thanks be to Allah), that is submission to the Will of Allah. A Muslim who lives in the midst of society and bears with patience the afflictions that come to him is better than the one who shuns society and cannot bear any wrong done to him. Allah says:

أُولَٰئِكَ الَّذِينَ اشْتَرَوُا الْحَيَاةَ الدُّنْيَا بِالْآخِرَةِ فَلَا يُخَفَّفُ عَنْهُمُ الْعَذَابُ وَلَا هُمْ يُنصَرُونَ

“Those (are) the ones who bought the life (of) the world for the Hereafter; so not will be lightened for them the punishment and not they will be helped.” (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:86)

Muslims are expected to live according to Islamic law, which is called Sharia, or “God’s Way”. They are not allowed to steal, lie, commit adultery, gamble, eat pork or drink alcohol. The Quran also tells men and women to dress modestly. In some countries, a woman must cover her head or face. Men mostly have a beard because Mohammad also had one.

Islam contains many rules for daily life and human relationships, below are someone:

  1. Life seems to be a healing agent for human suffering
  2. Life teaching shows that all innocent life is sacred
  3. Life focuses on what is in your control & try best
  4. Life establishes peace and justice in society
  5. Life is to believe everything is from God
  6. Life here is considered an examination
  7. Life is to think you will be accountable
  8. Life is to have a variety of experiences
  9. Life is to put your trust in God
  10. Life has infinite value for all
  11. Life is to respect parents
  12. Life is a test given in this world
  13. Life has the sanctity of human life
  14. Life is to have patience & humility
  15. Life means to know where you stand
  16. Life is to think you will return to God
  17. Life forbids hateful words and actions
  18. Life for all human beings has One God
  19. Life commands love, mercy, and peace
  20. Life has the dignity of all human beings
  21. Life is misunderstood among some Muslims

Islam covers every aspect of our lives and provides us throughout the day with so many ways of thinking about Allah and praising Him. Islam also teaches other things like respect for parents, helping the poor, faith in God, kindness, honesty and hard work.

Beliefs and daily lives of Muslims:

Six Major Beliefs

  • Belief in the Oneness of God:: Muslims believe that God is the creator of all things and that God is all-powerful and all-knowing.
  • Belief in the Angels of God: Muslims believe in angels, unseen beings who worship God and carry out God’s orders throughout the universe.
  • Belief in the Books of God: Muslims believe that God revealed holy books.
  • Belief in the Prophets or Messengers of God: Muslims believe that God’s guidance has been revealed to humankind through specially appointed messengers, or prophets, throughout history, beginning with the first man,
  • Belief in the Day of Judgment: Muslims believe that on the Day of Judgment, humans will be judged for their actions in this life.
  • Belief in the Divine Decree: God’s will, can be expressed as the belief that everything is governed by divine decree, namely that whatever happens in one’s life is preordained, and that believers should respond to the good or bad that befalls them with thankfulness or patience.

Islam even honours those who teach people and impart knowledge to them, holding them in high esteem and promising them abundant rewards. Knowing the limited time that we have in this life, giving it anything more than its due proportion, therefore, wouldn’t be prudent.

The first and most important way in which we embrace Islam in our daily lives:

  • Believe In God: The first and foremost important thing that can help a believer live life in an Islamic way and achieve success.
  • Strive For Good: Being a Muslim it is the primary duty to be good and strives for spreading goodness. Everyone wishes to walk in the way of good and receive guidance from Allah.
  • Life is a Test: Allah has made this life a test to see the true nature of His slaves.
  • Life is Momentary: The life that is currently lived on this earth will not last forever. It is only a momentary thing.
  • Life in Heaven Will be Better: That’s why it’s not good to only care about the materialistic things that exist in this life.
  • Dutiful Worship: The purpose of life according to Islam and the Qur’an is for Muslims to always remember Allah. This can be done by carrying out all the dutiful worship.
  • Deeply Study Islam: Not only are Muslims required to carry out the necessary duties according to Islam, but they must also study religion as a whole. Islam is better than only understanding it at the surface level.
  • Live According to the Rules of Islam: When a Muslim is willing to dedicate oneself to Allah, then they must live according to the rules of Islam.
  • Life Motivation: If a Muslim doesn’t know what their life goal is then they could lose the motivation to carry on with life.
  • Live Life in Kindness: A Muslim must always remember to be kind while living on Earth. Every living and non-living thing is Allah’s creation and one should try to be kind to them all.
  • Conversion to Islam: Muslims are encouraged to share their faith with others. There is no formal ceremony for conversion. People must merely believe in and recite the shahada to convert to Islam.

Muslims are courteous towards others and are respectful to others and to all of Allah’s creation. In this sense, Muslims are the world’s natural environmentalists, since we love and respect our environment as part of creation. We might talk about duties towards our children and relatives or the way we treat our neighbours. We need also to take very seriously the bond that exists between all Muslims, making them truly brothers and sisters.

Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran:

  • “And consult them in the matter.” (Quran 3:159)
  • “The life of this world is merely the enjoyment of delusion.” (Quran 3:185)
  • “I have not created men except that they should serve Me.” (Quran, 51:56)
  • “you have that day, nor for you will there be any denial.” (Ash-Shura 42:47)
  • “I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship.” (Quran, 51:56)
  • “Our Lord! Give us something fine in this world as well as something fine in the Hereafter.” (Quran 2:201)
  • “Allah does not change what any people have until they change what is in themselves.” (Quran 13:11)

Islam does not ask a man to avoid material things. It holds that spiritual elevation is to be achieved by living piously in the rough and tumble of life, not by renouncing the world. The purpose of life is to live mindfully and passionately in the present moment, love unabashedly, be a lifelong learner, seek adventure and growth, and spread kindness and peace along the way.

How should every Muslim live day and night?

  • Do not talk and discuss worldly matters all the time; instead, think about your Lord
  • Do not keep the love of wealth and the desire for a “big name” in your heart
  • Do not violate the rights of others; do not harm others by tongue or hand
  • Do not find faults in others, do not have a bad opinion about others
  • Do not keep the accounts of worldly affairs in your heart
  • Do not excessively engage in seeking superior
  • Do not say negative things about others
  • Do not quarrel or argue with others
  • Do not tell lies under any condition
  • Do not attend unlawful gatherings
  • Do not be despaired by poverty
  • Protect yourself from every sin
  • Eagerly and restlessly seek your lord
  • Stay away from the irreligious person
  • Learn your religion as much as is needed
  • Live humble to others, serve others, and do not show pride
  • If sin is committed, immediately repent and ask forgiveness
  • Keep your eye on your own shortcoming and try to fix them
  • Forgive the mistakes and faults of people under your authority
  • Constantly remember your Lord either through tongue or heart
  • Organize a timetable for all your work, and thoroughly stick to it
  • Be aware of the orders of the Shariah every moment of your life
  • For a blessing either small or large, be thankful to your Lord for it
  • Benefit others as much as you can: either worldly benefit or religious benefit

The Holy Quran in this regard is one of the best ways of knowing how a person can fulfil this purpose of pleasing Allah and giving meaning to his life. The main reason for our creation is worship. We should fulfil this purpose of our life by following Allah’s commands given in the Quran. Allah is satisfied with the soul who is obedient to His Divine laws and the soul is also satisfied with Allah.