They fall in love with ideas

Struggles Of Being A Deep Thinker

Being a deep thinker in this day and age can be a gift just as much as a curse. Deep thinkers are often more aware of how things are in the world which makes it particularly challenging for them.Reflection on existential matters on a day to day basis surely has an impact over these people’s overall mood. Chances are a deep thinker will often experience stress and anxiety on a higher level than the rest.Deep thinkers will not settle, which often means that they will go longer than average before finding someone who they can really invest themselves in.

Still, in modern society with its materialistic values, this constant inquiry and a profound awareness that accompany being a deep thinker can be quite challenging. Deep thinkers are insatiably curious about the world around them. They want to understand how things work, why some things are done this way, and not that way, and what makes people tick.Our consumerist society is killing deep thinking and is cultivating ignorance, and it makes sense why. Ignorant people who don’t question themselves and the world are the easiest targets for manipulation andmind control.

Here are some struggles only deep thinkers can relate to:

1. Feeling of detachment
2. Being indecisive and failing to take real actions
3. People think they are weird or arrogant
4. They are profoundly frustrated with modern society
5. They find it challenging to solve practical matters
6. They have long periods of introspection and sadness


8.Poor social skills and difficulty relating to others

9.Others confuse you for being arrogant/weird/absentminded

9.The necessity to solve everyday problems can be a real challenge

10.Lack of understanding

11.It can be difficult to get out of your head and return to reality

12.They fall in love with ideas

13.They intellectualize their feelings

14.To follow their hearts, they have to trust themselves

15.They prefer things in theory, not practice

16.Their standards are naturally higher

17.They look before they leap

18.I Am The Hero Of My Own Life

19.Contrary to popular belief, deep thinkers have a wicked sense of humor

20.Voracious Readers

Deep thinkers are constantly immersed in bookd.They have a thirst for knowledge and a deep-seated need to learn more and expand their understanding. Books are their ‘go-to’ places to acquire knowledge. Books are also their friends, and their solace, offering a refuge from the noise and distraction of the outside world. To know more, you need to take in as much information as possible – books are your best bet. Deep thinkers know this and devour books by the truckload.

They are secretly deep feelers – and deep feelers fear love as much as they long for it.It’s more common for a deep thinker to have a longer string of almost relationships and would be partners than serious failed relationships, because they are more likely to analyze and evaluate before they really commit. This means, unfortunately, that they don’t always try: a lot of the time in love, you can’t know until you do it, and sometimes, your judgements – however well-thought-out – are just wrong.

Deep thinkers are obsessed with things that look beautiful and make sense. They are quick to fall in love with the idea of someone, or the idea of love, but then can struggle with the reality of it – the reality that isn’t always logical or coherent or aesthetically appealing.People who think deeply get their joy from… thinking deeply. They have a hard time simply feeling something to feel it, or enjoying something without understanding some kind of profound meaning behind it.

If they were this way, they wouldn’t have developed their capacity to think so much in the first place. It’s not always natural for them to learn to follow their hearts.Deep thinkers exist because they are most in love with the worlds they can create within their minds. When a reality they choose disrupts their fantasies, it can be traumatizing.A deep thinker is too keenly aware to misinterpret that attraction for any real level of compatibility. However, this leaves their pool of options smaller than most: they won’t settle.

The thing about deep thinkers is that they are sensitive beings – so much so that they protect themselves by creating a persona that appears to intellectualize things more than they’re affected by them emotionally. At the end of the day, deep thinkers are often afraid of how much they feel, and that can leave them very cautious and hesitant when it comes to putting their deepest feelings of all on the line.


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