The islands' reputation as a tourist paradise

Santorini, Greece

The Greek Islands are a very large group of individual land masses, with some counts putting the total at more than 220 inhabited islands, and potentially 6,000 including uninhabited (and even very small) dry land in the same area. Crete is the largest, Euboea second, Lesbos third and Rhodes fourth, with quite a steep drop-off in size after that; there are also ten islets located very close to the Greek mainland, rather than in one of the larger groups further out in the Aegean or Ionian Sea.

Greece officially has 16,000km of coastline, and about half of this is in the Greek Archipelago. It offers the usual blend of landscapes, from steep rocky cliffs with caves that can be explored from the water, to sandy beaches with dunes and rolling grassy hills behind them. Some of the beaches are strewn with pebbles rather than soft fine sand, while in places the sand takes on a dark colour that hints at its volcanic origin. Coastal activities add to the appeal for tourists, and you can join in the usual pastimes on many of the Greek Islands, from snorkelling to scuba diving, or just swimming in the warm waters by the beach.

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