A fun journey through a tunnel dug into the rock brings you face to face with the snowfields

Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland

The Sanetsch pass may not be the most well-known climb in the Valais, it is undoubtedly one of the finest and most demanding. Starting from the altitude of the Rhone Valley to reach a summit at 2200 metres, this epic climb will inspire much respect.The road to Sanetsch takes you through all the stages of Alpine vegetation. From the river plain to the high mountains, this pristine pass is a real gem for bike lovers.

As you attack the slopes of this incredible climb, you pass through the Valais vineyards, through forests filled with larch and spruce trees, and finally high Alpine pastures in front of the beautiful Tsanfleuron glacier. There are surprises after every turn, leaving you comparing one landscape after another in a battle to determine which view is the prettiest.

From Conthey, the road to Sanetsch starts by zig-zagging up through the Valais vineyards where the sun beats down in the summer. After a few kilometres, you climb gradually into a shady narrow gorge with forests filled with refreshing scents. After a few short but welcoming flat sections, you discover a magnificent view overlooking the Rhone plain, seemingly far away. After a few switchbacks and a spectacular waterfall, you start climbing into a whole new environment, the high alpine meadows.

A fun journey through a tunnel dug into the rock brings you face to face with the snowfields of the Tsanfleuron glacier. The bravest cyclists will continue after the pass to the end of the road where it’s possible to make a grand loop back to the central Valais using a gondola that brings you into the Bernese Oberland, making the Sanetsch a must-do for any adventure lover. In any case, the restaurant at the end of the road serves a nice apple pie that is well worth the trip!

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