Rush Lake trek in the heart of the Hunza valley

Rush Lake

Pakistan has many beautiful lakes but some of them are so unique that they stand alone in their respective categories. One such lake is the amazing and the extraordinary Rush Lake. This lake is one of the alpine lakes of Pakistan and it has the honor of being the highest alpine lake of the entire region. Not only is the lake very beautiful, it has great views to offer as well. One of the best things about rush lake is that it is not located in some hard to reach mountains, rather the lake is located at a plateau and, even with its great elevation above the sea level, a trip to the lake is a very exhilarating experience which many ordinary hikers can undertake.

The best time to visit the Rush lake is during the summers. This is partly due to the condition of the glaciers but the more important reason for this time is that the trek on the route of the lake takes the hikers through some very immense meadows and the time of the flowering of many plants is the mid of the summer season. If you go any time late you will see that the plants have flowered and then withered; and if you go any time earlier the vegetation will not have taken off and the land will be barren. So, the reasons for visiting the lake in the summer season are two-fold; one that the lake is easy to get to and the second is that the route leading to the lake is very beautiful.

Rush Lake is the highest lake in terms of altitude and height located in the Gilgit Baltistan province of Pakistan. The closest peak to the lake is the Rush Pari Peak which reaches an amazing height of 5,098 meters above the sea level or 16,726 ft. The lake itself is located at an elevation of 4,694 meters above the sea level. This makes Rush one of the highest alpine lakes on the entire planet and the highest in the entire country.

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