Hidden in a secluded Greek cove is a pristine beach

Navagio Beach

With white sand and marble cliffs, Navagio Beach makes a striking setting for swimming and sunbathing. Set on sun-soaked Zakynthos island off the coast of Greece, Navagio Beach is a popular day trip destination. The beach’s centerpiece is a long-abandoned freighter—the remains of a smuggler’s shipwreck—that still languishes on the sands.The beauty of Navagio demonstrates the power of nature at its finest; the huge eroding stones accumulated the white sand (which is actually ground stone, and not a real sand) over thousands of years, and this place was a hidden gem of Mediterranean for a long time.

The moment when we see (and meet) something new, something extraordinary, it stays carved in our brains until the end of our lives. No amount of money or material stuff can replace the joy of traveling and exploring this amazing planet.The Europe’s cradle of civilization, Greece, hides many unreal places and experiences which every traveler should immerse into at least once in a lifetime.

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