Quite the tourist attraction


Presenting nature; nothing like anything or anywhere you have seen before. Known to be the second highest hill of Galyat and located in the hilly areas of Abbottabad. Although there is an arduous journey of nearly 3 hours to the top, which takes your breath away – ascend like you have never had experienced before. Another trek follows from Dungagali to Mushkpuri, however, this one is more amiable and boasts an appealing sight of Ayubia National Park in KPK.

Located in the Nathiagali district of Abbotabad, the mountain of Mushkpuri (alias Muskeshpuri or Moshpuri) rises to a lofty height of 2800 meters.  With this height, it bags the spot of being the second highest mount in Galyat.Quite the tourist attraction, Mushkpuri doesn’t just cater to your aesthetic sense. There are plenty of private corporations who offer packages for one (or more) day trips to Mushkpuri.

The first starts from Nathiagali, with the path winding through lush green pine forests abundant with sweet-smelling flowers. With a climbing distance of 4 kilometers, be prepared to stretch those muscles a little. During the winters, you can savor the crunchy snow underneath, and this combined with the natural scenery and fresh air can cure your worries in no time. The area is especially gorgeous during the end of the rainy season; the views are incomparable.

The other trekking path takes one from Dungagali to Mushkpuri. Beware though: the slope here is steeper than the one from Nathiagali. This should be good news to the more serious hikers out there. Not only is the way to Mushkpuri stunning, but one gets to behold the sight of Ayubia National Park on the way downwards as well.

Mushkpuri tends to get a little chilly, so it is recommended to bring staples such as a hoodie or warm jacket. If you are planning your vacation around the rainy season, be sure to bring along a rain coat or umbrella as well.

Must explore the water pond at the top which casts a remarkable reflection of sky and trees. That is not it yet because a beautiful sight of Kashmir valley can also be seen from Mushkpuri top. So, basically, not only this breathtaking location offers you its intrinsic beauty but also glimpses of surrounding places – so much to offer in one place.