Ever imagined you could ski in Pakistan


Malam Jabba has two Buddhist stupas and six monasteries that are spread across the resort. The presence of the monuments at such a height clearly indicates that the area was settled over 2000 years ago. Malam Jabba also offers two exciting trekking trails that offer excellent scenery. The Shangla Top is a trek that is about 18 kilometers from the resort.

Ever imagined you could ski in Pakistan? Malam Jabba in KPK is the right choice. The only ski resort you would find in Pakistan. By only, it does not mean it is an ugly and ordinary last resort to experience your deepest temptations of skiing in only a desperate attempt. It also comprises of 2 Buddhist stupas, 6 monasteries that you would find around it.

But today, with investors pouring money into the valley’s local tourism, it has once again become a major tourist attraction. While the Pearl Continental Hotel, Malam Jaba is starting its operations in July 2018, a major international skiing competition is also being held on Jan 17 at the Malam Jaba resort that has been rebuilt by the Samson’s Company.

It’s pertinent to mention here that militants had burnt down the PTDC motel – built with Australian collaboration, had destroyed the chairlift cable and an office of the meteorological department in Malam Jabba back in 2008.