Irish Sky Garden

Garden Crater is an amazing sculptural land art installation by famed artist James Turrell.The Sky Garden is set against the natural landscape of the Celtic Liss Ard, or “High Fort,” an ancient structure half reclaimed by nature which lends its own fairytale whimsy to the location.Shaped like a bowl, the structure features a central stone plinth reminiscent of ancient Celtic and Egyptian altars.

The Irish Sky Garden Crater is open from April to November and measures about 25 meters (82 ft) in length, dipping almost 13 meters (42ft) at it’s the lowest depth. If you’re looking for amazing pictures of the world, don’t forget this wonderful place.The altar rises up at an angle, and features two stone footrests on each end to allow the viewer to lie down facing up and out toward the edge of the crater above. All that is visible from this vantage point is the green grass and sky, creating a uniquely serene experience that invokes past rituals and ancient rites.

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