lemon juice is helpful in reducing congestion and keeping you hydrated

Incredible Benefits of Lemon Water

The role of water in our body is immense. It is important to control our water intake in order to be healthy and beautiful. Doctors say that we should drink nearly eight glasses of water daily. Only this way your body will stay hydrated and you’ll be able to slake thirst when it is hot.Lemon water is incredibly good for you, with incredible health benefits. Filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber and energy. It helps to kick start your metabolism, eliminates toxins, rejuvenates skin and has an alkaline effect on every cell in your body.

Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C, offering up to 25% of your recommended daily amount per half squeezed lemon. This helps to boost your immune system, preventing colds and flu.If you want to rid your body of excess fluid: lemon water acts as a natural diuretic, putting everything back in balance.Most of us usually prefer to consume other sweet and delicious beverages instead of water, however, they are not good for our health and some of them may be even harmful.Lemon water can be served either way, although many people prefer to drink it warm in the mornings because it’s easier on your stomach acids.

Lemon water is rich in potassium, which makes it an excellent drink for a healthy brain. Potassium triggers more oxygen flow directly to your brain, which helps it to function better, remember more and let go of stress completely.Fiber, relatively low amounts of sugar and powerful compounds known as bioflavonoids make lemon water a great support for balanced blood sugar. Studies have shown that lemon water stimulates insulin production, which helps to stabilize blood sugar long term.

Here are some of the greatest reasons why lemon water is good for us

  1. It Aids Digestion
  2. It Enhances Your Immune System
  3. You Will Have Clear Skin
  4. It Boosts Your Energy
  5. It Cleanses Your System
  6. It Promotes Healing
  7. It Will Give You Fresh Breath
  8. It Can Help You Break the Coffee Habit
  9. It Helps You Lose Weight Faster
  10. It Detoxifies Your Body
  11. It Relieves Constipation
  12. It Wakes You Up
  13. It Is a Natural Diuretic
  14. It Prevents Colds and Flu
  15. It Reduces Blood Pressure
  16. It’s a Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  17. It Gives You Clearer Skin
  18. It Rehydrates your Entire Body
  19. It Reduces Stress Levels
  20. It’s Protects Your Body from Disease
  21. It Keeps Your Eyes Healthy
  22. It Helps to Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels
  23. It’s a Great Bone Builder
  24. It’s Excellent for Pregnant Women
  25. It’s Good for Your Liver
  26. It’s Vitamin and Mineral Rich
  27. Increased Iron Absorption
  28. Fights Cancer
  29. It can be served either hot or cold
  30. Use 1/2 lemon for every 8oz of water

Lemon water hydrates your body and has an alkalizing effect on your entire system, which boosts energy. Studies have proven that it’s even better than caffeine for elevating energy levels.Vitamin C and magnesium are naturally anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce painful swelling and unnecessary discomfort throughout the body.The citric acid in lemons activates your digestive juices, which gives your metabolism a boost and encourages excellent digestion.The potent Vitamin C combined with the rich source of antioxidants ensures that your eyes remain clear and cataract free. Lemon water protects your eyes against free radical damage, as well as promoting new cell growth for sparkly eyes and excellent sight.

Lemon water offers a good source of calcium, which is essential in maintaining strong and healthy bones. It also keeps your body alkaline, which prevents brittle bones and swollen joints.Lemon water is not only completely free of fat, but it also helps to break down excess fat in the body, leaving you leaner, lighter and full of health.Folates have been proven to prevent birth defects and to assist the formation of healthy brains and spines in growing babies. It is important to supplement with folates during pregnancy to nurture your baby into health, and lemon water is a great source of it.

An unhealthy liver suffers from diluted liver enzymes, and lemon water helps to trigger the production of liver enzymes for better performance. It also promotes bile production in the liver, which improves digestive health.Just one glass of lemon water contains Vitamins A, B, C and E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, folate, selenium, zinc, antioxidants and bioflavonoids, as well as giving your body a great source of excellent hydration.

Water is essential for hydration, and without it you would feel tired, sluggish and unhealthy. Lemon water hydrates and alkalizes every cell in your body, fueling your organs for optimum performance.The magnesium and Vitamin C, as well as the powerful antioxidants work together to reduce stress, muscle tension and fatigue. Warm lemon water has also proven to be very soothing and relaxing, the perfect break on stressful days.Lemon water is full of antioxidants, which help to fight the free radical damage that can lead to damaged cells. This prevents diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, as well as providing an alkaline environment in which diseased cells cannot thrive.

Concentrated lemon juice can be bad for the enamel on the teeth, so drink from a straw when possible to mitigate these effects.Lemon water is a tasty and refreshing alternative to other gym drinks. With a ridiculously low calorie count, lemonade will boost your performance in the fitness arena and keep your stamina at its peak.Lemon contains a chemical compound called ‘Naringenin’, that is very effective in reducing liver inflammation. Lemon is also filled with eriocitrin, a flavonoid that helps protect the liver against oxidative stress.

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