A breathtaking outdoor adventures


Iceland is awe-inspiring at any time of year. Massive glaciers and lava caves, volcanoes, geothermal wonders. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Add to this the thrill of hunting for a mesmerizing display of northern lights undulating across the arctic winter sky. You have to see it to believe it—we keep our fingers crossed for clear night skies giving way to those dancing lights. Embrace the chill in the air and the crunch of ice or snow underfoot and be rewarded with the wonders of Iceland’s winter majesty.

Situated just below the Arctic Circle, Iceland is among the world’s best vantage points from which to experience the magic of the northern lights.Nightlife is an essential part of getting exactly the specific destination taste.A breathtaking outdoor adventures in the Golden Circle – snorkelling in the icy waters of the Silfra rift, hiking up glaciers and watching enormous geysers erupt – nothing beats winding down with a specialist massage in the spa and a soak in the steaming outdoor thermal pool.