Hunza Valley is probably the most beautiful and most visited destination of Pakistan

Hunza Valley

Hunza is situated in Galgit-Baltisatan at a height of 8,200 ft. The valley is a well-liked area for tourists due to the magnificent landscapes. People of Hunza are extremely friendly and also hospitable.  In fact Hunza has the highest literacy rate in Pakistan. Hunza is a area which is traveled to the most by foreign people. Hunza is a full package. You have the glaciers,river, lakes, mountains and steep slopes all in one place. It’s really a remarkable site. The hotels in Hunza are 1st class. This is a must visit place in Pakistan.

Yearly, travelers travel from all parts of the entire world to go to the K2 Base Camp. Traveling to the Base Camp is once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fairy Meadows or “the heaven in earth” is situated at the west of Himalayan range. Fairy Meadows has rich green meadows and and it is a very calming place. The scene of Nanga Parbat is indescribable. Legend states that this is fairies’ paradise. The jeep trek to arrive at Fairy Meadows  is exciting and  a place comes that jeeps no longer can go forward. There one has to walk or even ride a horse to arrive at Fairy Meadows. One can camping or even stay in cottages developed for the visitors.  Apr to August is the ideal time to go to Fairy Meadows.

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