There really is a staircase in the crack of a 650ft rock in Colombia

Guatape Rock in Colombia

The “Guatape Rock” (Peñón de Guatapé) that borders the lake is a rock formation, that formed along the Antioquia Rock Base (batolito de antioquia), 70 million years ago. With 2/3 of its height below ground, the exposed vertical face is over 200 meters high and visible from throughout the surrounding countryside. Visitors can scale the rock via a staircase built into one side, a path that includes more than 649 steps to the top.On the flat top of the rock, food vendors offer outdoor tables overlooking vistas that stretch to the horizon in every direction.

Above the food vendors are two gift shops, and an open-air viewing area to see the spectacular scenery. Guatapé dam Also you can visit two monasteries, that belong to the “Benedictinos” Communities. The monks are devoted to receive and share with visitors. There are many Ferries available, to take tours around the dam, and to visit islands known as “The Fantasy Island Hotel”, located at 3 NM, north of Guatapé shore. There are also many extreme and traditional water sports available.

There really is a staircase in the crack of a 650ft rock in Colombia – and the views from the top are incredible, if you’re fit enough to endure the 650 steps up there. They have been wedged into a huge crevice in the 10-million-ton El Peñon de Guatape rock in Colombia, and mean the rock has become a bizarre look-out post across a mesmerising landscape.

The steps are the only way to reach the top of El Peñon de Guatape, which is also known as Piedra de Penol or La Piedra, but once tourists reach the top, the spectacular views are said to be worth the effort. The experience has become a popular attraction in Guatape, with guests forking out a small fee to zig-zag to the top and look out over beautiful islands nestled in the surrounding lakes.

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