Cold Water With Cooked Food

Dangerous Food Combinations To Avoid

Food is essential in every person life. Some people love simply cook dishes. Others have their eyes some pungent flavors and enjoy unusual combination choices. Of course, even a child knows that eating beans and soda together can bring unexpected results

However, eating some seemingly safe product put together can have a harmful effect on your digestion system and make you sick. And some of them you may eat on a daily basis without even knowing the influence they have on your body. So we got familiar with diet specialists’ recommendation and put together seven food combinations you’d better avoid.

Improper food combination is one of the primary factors causing gas, flatulence, heartburn and upset stomach. It is best to avoid combining fish and milk, different kinds of proteins, milk and any other food, fruits and any other food, freshly cooked and stored or reprocessed food, and cold water with meals.

Here are some deadly food combinations to avoid while you are planning your meals:
  1. Dairy and Pineapple
  2. A Sandwich and Coffee
  3. Pasta and Minced Meat
  4. Fruit With Meal
  5. A Banana and Milk
  6. Yogurt With Fruit
  7. Alcohol and food
  8. Beans And Cheese
  9. Tomatoes And Pasta
  10. Different Kinds Of Proteins
  11. Tomatoes and Cucumbers
  12. Fruits With Any Other Food
  13. Milk With Any Other Food
  14. Protein and starchy food
  15. Tuna and mayonnaise
  16. Meat With Jaggery Or Honey
  17. Cold Water With Cooked Food
  18. Cereal With Milk And Orange Juice
  19. Fresh Food With Stored, Refrigerated, Or Reheated Food
  20. Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, And Soft Drinks With Solid Foods

Milk should be taken alone. Milk is a complete and concentrated food in itself. It requires a full digestive process of its own kind. No other concentrated food like meat, eggs, cereals, pulses, nuts, roots, or fruits should be eaten with it. The combination of milk with other foods is one of the major causes of indigestion.

  • Avoid consuming milk after eating radish, garlic, and tulasi or holy basil.
  • Avoid milk combined with any sour substance, especially fruits.

We are used to eating food in combinations- cheese with meat, fruits in salads, milk with fruit. But did you know modern hygienists, physiologists, and Ayurveda slams these combinations as harmful? These food combinations often make you feel bloated and heavy and lethargic.Cooked food undergoes changes over time, even if it is stored in a cool environment.

Reheating further changes its characteristics. Combining food at different stages of cooking makes it difficult for the body to digest.We should aware of the these food combinations, avoid them to lead a toxic-free life. If you know any other food combination that can be harmful.