Physical activity may boost the brain power

Dad’s Gym Habits

We all know that exercise can make us stronger, and now we know dad’s gym habit might give baby’s brain a boost, too, according to researchers.T 

Physical activity may boost the brain power of dad and his pup, but unless his little one runs as an adult, his own exercising does nothing for his grandpups.

Of course, not every dad can exercise—and understandably so. We all have different abilities and opportunities to stay active. But there are other ways you can help your baby’s brain development. There’s singing, baby talk, reading, or, as they grow, supporting their inevitable dinosaur obsession.

Even though working out has a ton of benefits, it’s not the only way to set your child up for success. So while a quick run on the treadmill may have a big impact, the way you interact with your little one does too. Leg day is great and all, but a day with the family is probably even better.

If you have regular lunch hours at work, a good strategy is to spend part of it exercising. Walking for 30 minutes every day can, all by itself, make a big difference in your personal health.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you stop and think about it, you can turn dozens of everyday activities, chores, and even burping your kid into a calorie burner and muscle builder. Looking out for number two just got a whole lot easier.

Fitting good nutrition and exercise into a hectic daily schedule can be a challenge for fathers. But the benefits are worth the sacrifice and a little creativity in carving out the time every day can really make the difference in embracing a healthy lifestyle.