Choose Hope

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.

When you are on one of your downward spirals, think of it as a trampoline. It will “boing” you back up. There is always hope in everything we say, in everything we do. Even if you don’t see it straight away. Don’t give up. Have hope. Have faith. Have a breather. Smile. Anything is possible because you can achieve it.

We all have choices in our life. These choices help us determine our present and future. Sure you can choose grumpy, despair, pity, bad hair day… but you can also choose happy, hopeful, going to conquer this meeting, grateful… Keep in mind that whatever you choice, that is exactly what you will get for your day.

Making your day different

What most do not understand is that through any circumstance or situation (good or bad) the outcome is how we choose to deal with or live through it. It is our choice to let it create a good or bad day for us.