Gentleness is required in all things

Allah Loves Gentleness in All Things

One of the most beloved qualities of good character to Allah is kindness and gentleness. Allah has reserved a special reward for those who are kind and gentle. In all our activities and discussions we are advised to adopt a gentle and soft approach. This also means that things should not be done with haste but rather after careful thinking and with a positive attitude. Kindness and gentleness are traits that are inherently good, and whoever has them has been given his portion of goodness. Allah says:


“Speak to him mildly that perhaps he may remember or fear Allah.” (Surah Ta-Ha 20:44)

Allah loves kindness and gentleness in all matters, so we should manifest these qualities even when we face abuse and cruelty. On one occasion, the Prophet was insulted and cursed by his enemies but he did not return their curse. Rather, he showed patience and forbearance and encouraged his companions to be kind. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was commanded to begin inviting the unbelievers of Mecca to Islam with gentleness, even though they were plotting against him and the Muslims. Allah says:


“Verily, they are planning a plan and I am planning a plan. So give respite to the unbelievers, deal gently with them for a while.” (Surah At-Tariq 86:15-17)

For this reason, the Prophet was patient and forbearing with their abuse for more than twenty years. Only after the persecution became so intense was he allowed to fight back in self-defence. Even so, the Prophet was given clear instructions to accept their repentance or at least accept their offer of peace.

Here are some reasons to put our trust in Allah and depend on Him:

  1. Allah has a reward for those who are kind and gentle
  2. Allah loves kindness and gentleness in all matters
  3. Trust in Allah to rely on Allah in all our affairs
  4. Trust in Allah must be strong and rely upon
  5. Trust in Allah attribute the pleasure of Allah
  6. Trust in Allah to pray fully focused on God
  7. Trust in Allah to connect with the Quran
  8. Trust in Allah being grateful to Allah
  9. Trust in Allah relying on loss or success
  10. Trust in Allah is aware of Allah’s supervision
  11. Trust in Allah includes complete trust in God
  12. Trust in Allah is a steadfast anchor of the soul
  13. Trust in Allah no matter what he has put on us
  14. Trust in Allah and ensure your prayer is sincere
  15. Trust in Allah turn lead to goodness in this world

Those who most particularly need to use gentleness are those who occupy high positions of either religious or worldly responsibility. The door of mercy and gentleness is never closed, as even the worst of criminals are given the opportunity to repent and make amends. Furthermore, kindness and gentleness should be shown to the animals and indeed all of creation. Allah says:

إِنَّهُمْ كَانُوا يُسَارِعُونَ فِي الْخَيْرَاتِ وَيَدْعُونَنَا رَغَبًا وَرَهَبًا ۖ وَكَانُوا لَنَا خَاشِعِينَ

“Verily, they would hasten to good deeds and supplicate to Us in hope and fear, and they were humbly submissive to Us.” (Surah Al-Anbiya 21:90)

The true believers realize that nothing happens except with the Will of Allah and that He never Wills anything except that it has wisdom behind it. Therefore, we should train ourselves and our children to be kind and gentle in all matters, among the Muslims, among the unbelievers, and even with the animals. We should resist the temptation to indulge in cruelty and savagery. We ask Allah to beautify our manners with kindness and to protect us from falling into harshness.

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